Our Product

We supply raw Materials for each business area mentioned below, further providing a wide range of products sourced & manufactured as per customer requirements from reputable producers, serving the requirements of different customer segments all around the globe.


Our aluminium teams are present in all regions including Asia, Europe, the Middle East, United States and Latin America.

Lead & Zinc

We are active in the global physical trade of refined and primary base metals,


We source, store and transport copper products while providing sound risk management solutions.


Nickel business predominantly focuses on the China and South East Asia markets.

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The right product, the right way and at the right time

In the dynamic landscape of the metal industry, the emphasis on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and precision has become paramount. The concept of Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery has emerged as a strategic approach to meet these demands, we ensure that metals are sourced & manufactured precisely when needed as per the customer’s need, minimizing inventory costs, and optimizing the supply chain.

Our Internal growth and commitment to self-improve

Since 2005, we have developed and strengthened our expertise through a combination of research & learning, talent development and diversification. We are growing to become a team of internationally-known experts, specializing at providing primary products to businesses. We do say what we say we'll do, thrive on bringing solutions and always act with integrity, and focus on providing a high quality service to our customers.

Business Compliance

Our in-house tax and legal department ensures full compliance with all legal and statutory requirements and provide expertise in Customs, local tax laws and international Financial law.


We develop trade routes, in house strategies, technical solutions, customized specifications and various other strategies to our customers to ensure they are completive internationally.

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