Behind every successful fundraise is a strong narrative.   That is the honest answer to a question that investors repeatedly ask when they get bewildered by sky-high valuation and moonshot venture ideas. However, the founder’s ability to weave a strong narrative about their venture elevates its valuation from being based on its fundamental value to being based

There is an old saying in sales, “The worst salespeople are the best interviewers”. However, this saying is even more applicable for sales managers, especially those with 2-3 decades of selling experience, for different organizations. They can be detrimental to your start-ups’ sales efforts.   The best sales managers are too valuable for an

Yesterday, I had an odd conversation with a founding team.   They were addressing an important, critical, and an absolutely need-to-solve problem with a lifestyle intervention solution. Lifestyle intervention is an area where I have had a high degree of investment interest. However, the founders' pricing strategy was a significant source of concern for me.   They wanted to address the mass market and, therefore, priced their solution at

There have been many Olympics before, but the 2021 Tokyo Olympics was different for India. Many firsts occurred during these games, starting with Mirabai Chanu igniting the country's hopes with a first-day silver medal.   India had sent its biggest ever contingent of athletes (126), competing in 69 disciplines. Therefore, despite the heartbreak in archery & shooting, new heroes were emerging every

There is clear evidence that many of the most recognized technology companies in the world (and in India) started with simple & crude first version products:   Amazon began as a bookstore  Zappos as  Uber began as Airbnb as  Oyo as  EaseMyTrip as a B2B