About us

PUSHTI TUSHTI is the Brand Name of M/s Parth Food Ventures, which came into existence in the beginning of the year 2019. Due to tremendous efforts and unique level of devotion by its team members, headed by Mrs. Pooja Jain, Pushti Tushti not only faced the challenges of Covid's global pandemic, but also keep on growing successfully. In this process, her son, Mr. Parth Jain also joined after two years and this universally successful team of "Mother & Son" has boosted the team with a new energy. Consequently, within a short span of 4 years it has become one of the prominent name for Sweets, Dry Fruits, Snacks and Chaat in suburban Mumbai (India) with the turnover of around half Million USD p.a.

The reason for achieving the desired level in such a short period, is to provide Standard Products alongwith Quality with the combination of Hygiene, Taste and Health. All the Pushti Tushti products are being prepared with the traditional recipe of India, alongwith natural and healthy ingredients.

In Fact, Pushti Tushti is being started with the aim to represent the Food culture and taste of maximum regions of India. Being originated from Rajasthan, Mrs. Pooja Jain has taken utmost care to provide the Taste of Marwadi with it's delicious and mouth watering Marwadi dishes.

We are thankful to our valued customers for trusting us and giving the opportunity to serve them with the desired food quality upto their satisfaction level.

Mrs Pooja Jain along with Parth Jain, is very keen for the taste and quality of all the products with aim to cover as much Food varieties as possible from various parts of India.