Over 10,000 Lab Tests Brought Promptly to Your Doorstep By Avita Health!

Why Should You Try Our Lab-at-Home Services?
For Your Convenience

Book an appointment by dialling +91 8824 247 365 and have our clinical professional reach your home in 30-45 minutes.

Our Efficient Medical Staff

Our well-trained nurses will provide world class at-home pathology services all over Ahmedabad, for any lab test you may want to run.

Quick & Accurate Results

For all routine lab tests, you can expect the results to be ready in just a few hours, accurately derived by our pathology experts.

  • Premium Lab-at-Home Services
  • Quality Healthcare in Ahmedabad
  • Available 24x7, 365 days a year
  • Fast and Reliable Solutions
  • 100% Accurate Results
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Sample Collection at Your Own Abode

We understand how stressful it can be to visit a clinical laboratory in person, spending long hours in queues to await your turn and get your sample collected, and then wait even longer to get your test reports. That’s why at Avita Health, we keep your ease and comfort our top priority and offer the best lab-at-home services within 30 to 45 minutes, throughout Ahmedabad. Whether it is at your own home, your workplace, or a hotel you are staying at as a guest - just give us a call and we’ll send over our experienced medical professionals, who’ll ensure to provide you with hassle-free sample collection services.

The Range of Tests Included in Our Lab-at-Home Services

  • Diabetes Blood Test at Home
  • Thyroid Test at Home
  • Cholesterol Checkup at Home
  • Lipid Profile at Home
  • Urine Test at Home
  • Liver Function Test at Home
  • Allergy Test at Home
  • Food Intolerance Test at Home
  • Hormone Tests at Home
  • Vitamin Test at Home
  • Health Checkup at Home
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